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Introducing... Paula English.

My training is 35+ years as an entrepreneur in Direct Sales, Sales Training, Image Consulting and Marketing Strategies. I started my first company at the age of 19. I learned early on the value of a referral network and residual income and so I specialized in developing programs for building professional referrals.

I have spent the last 20 years writing, teaching and coaching. My specialty is practical training, transformational coaching and remarkable tools for people who want to be successful in building and developing a database of people by implementing marketing strategies that attract and cultivate the most profitable customer, active referral source and Ideal business partner. Read More...

If you think you are too late to join the world of entrepreneurs, allow us to educate you. The wisdom in these podcasts is the stuff of national webinars – and they’re all 100-percent free. And here’s another happy thought: They’re “on air” whenever you want. Need to be better focused with your business? Need to hone your recruiting style? Need to better understand the cycles of a business? Need to better understand why people want what you have? These podcasts have your back.

With that in mind, we offer here some of Paula’s best coaching sessions. What is listed today will be here indefinitely and more will be added weekly.

1. An Introduction to the 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning

2. A Punchlist for Getting Started, Communicating, and Selling; A brief introduction to getting started with your business plan

3. There are 13 Key Elements to the specific tasks of Marketing and Selling. Understand these and you will be able to identify the root of every obstacle - and overcome it.

4. A complete overview of the 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning... overcoming obstacles of time management, clarifying target market.

Free is nice but there is SO MUCH MORE that Paula can offer you.

Choose a Monthly Library Subscription, one of several Books for Personal / Business Development, or a Coaching Package.

5. Understand The Seasons of a Business and how a business plan will shape the life of your business.

6. The secret to Why People Buy and the Art of Being Remarkable.

7. Power of a Team. What makes network marketing unique? Hear how to build and develop a team of your own.

Check back next week for more...