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Welcome to our 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning Online Library.

Free 5 Steps Discussion Group

5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning - Using your eBook and OnLine Library (Link to call; 80m)

How others are using their 5 Steps eBook and online library. Answers and clarifications about putting your plan together. Other Paragon Partners on the call talked about how they use their 5 Steps every day. Special conversation with Virginia Holley on how setting up her marketing plan 9 years ago helped her to build a $million dollar business.

This classroomis set up to support your work with your 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning workbook.
If you have any problems accessing items in this library please contact me directly: paula@paulaenglish.com.

You can order your workbook etc Here.

In this library you will find audio files to help you as you work on your 5 Steps plan.

Start first with the Intro to The 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning and Intro to the Punchlist for Getting Started.
Once you have had a chance to read through your Ebook, then you will want to listen to the 5 Steps training classes.
There are two versions of the SAME training. One is a lecture only version, recorded live on a teleconference training series. The lecture only version will take you through the key points in each step of your 5 Step plan.

The other version is the extended with class participation option. These were also recorded live on a teleconference training series and include class participation. You are welcome to listen to any and all of the classes as they are helpful for you.

You will also find ‘Writable’ pages from the workbook section of your 5 Steps Ebook. These pages can be downloaded, saved to your computer and printed out for working through your homework.

The 5stepstrainingcalls.com Online Library is exclusively for people who have purchased the 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning Ebook.

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Introductory Calls Listen
The 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning TM (24m)
A Punchlist for Getting Started TM ( 7m)
5 Steps Training Class Extended Version
w/ Class Participation
The Value of a DataBase (30m) (21m)
Step 1 - Creating Your Image (26m) (30m)
Step 2 - Defining Your Target Market (64m) (41m)
Step 3 - Your Inventory of Resources (33m) (14m)
Step 4 - Building Your Plan of Action (65m) (52m)
Step 5 - Gathering Your Tools (37m) 52m)

Click Here for writeable versions of the workbook pages.